Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Flowers Alphabetic Lists

Here we have provided a comprehensive list of flowers we know are in production or we have seen painted. They are ordered alphabetically by the original Flora Danica Print (tavle name). Royal Copenhagen most often used the "tavle name" when they put the inscription on pieces, but often the Latin name was used. So sometimes you will not find the name in the alphabetic index below, and if that is the case, please go to the reference index below the alphabetic index. The reference list is where you can find the "tavle name" and then you will be able to find it in the alphabetic index.

For questions you do not find answers to on the site about Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica and other types of dinnerware services by Royal Copenhagen (Den Kongelige Porcelæns Fabrik, The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufacture:

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Flora Danica A     Flora Danica B     Flora Danica C     Flora Danica D     

Flora Danica E     Flora Danica F

Flora Danica G     Flora Danica H     Flora Danica I-K  Flora Danica L     

Flora Danica M     Flora Danica N-O

Flora Danica P  Flora Danica Q-R    Flora Danica S      Flora Danica T     

Flora Danica U-V    


Use the Flora Danica Index list below if you can not find what you're looking for using the lists above. This list will refer the Latin inscription to the tavle name and then you can find it above.

Flora Danica index list


Explanation to the informaiton you will find:

Tavlen: Acer platanoides L. =The tavle name used in the Flora Danica book.

Latin: Acer platanoides L. = Latin name for the flower.

Nomenclator: n/a = Nomenclator name for the flower.

Tab #: 2586 = The print number in the Flora Danica book.

Production: Yes = If the flower is in current production at Royal Copenhagen.

Type: B, E = Indicates what kind of pieces the flower is painted on.

R.S. Reference #: 187, 806 = Internal reference number used by RC. When you buy a new piece such a number will most often be on the outside of the box.