Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Flowers List I-K

Here you will find pictures and information on each flower that has been produced on the Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica service. If you are aware of other flowers produced on the famous porcelain service, we at Flora Danica Online would like to reserve a picture of your item.

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Tavlen: Iberis nudicaulis L.

Latin: Teesdalia nudicaulis (L.) R. Br.

Nomenclator: Teesdalia nudicaulis (L.) R. Br.

Tab #: 323

Production: Yes

Type: A, C

R.S. Reference #: 572



Iberis Nudicaulis L.    T323.jpg (88208 byte) 


Tavlen: Illecebrum verticillatum L.

Latin: Illecebrum verticillatum L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 335

Production: No

Type: C

R.S. Reference #: n/a




Illecebrum Verticillatum L.  T 335.jpg (112637 byte) 

Tavlen: Impatiens Noli tangere L.

Latin: Impatiens noli-tangere L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 582

Production: Yes

Type: B

R.S. Reference #: 309



Impatiens Noli Me Tangere L.  T 582.jpg (130725 byte) 


Tavlen: Inula Britanica L.

Latin: Inula britannica L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 413

Production: Yes

Type: A, E

R.S. Reference #: 935




Inula Britanica L. T413.jpg (97798 byte) 

Tavlen: Inula pulicaria L.

Latin: Pulicaria vulgaris Gaertner

Nomenclator: Pulicaria vulgaris DC.

Tab #: 613

Production: Yes

Type: B, C, E

R.S. Reference #: 310, 573, 614, 936



Inula Pulicaria L.     T613.jpg (106371 byte) 


Tavlen: Inula salicina L.

Latin: Inula salicina L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 786

Production: Yes

Type: C

R.S. Reference #: 574



Inula Salicina L.  T 786.jpg (89363 byte) 


Tavlen: Inula Vrebelyiana L.*

Latin: n/a

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: n/a



R.S. Reference #:



Inula Vrebelyiana L..jpg (113021 byte) 


Tavlen: Iris Pseudacorus L.

Latin: Iris pseudacorus L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 494

Production: Yes

Type: A, B

R.S. Reference #: 72, 311



Iris Pseudacorus l.  T 494.jpg (116151 byte) 


Tavlen: Iris spuria L.

Latin: Iris spuria L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 734

Production: Yes

Type: B

R.S. Reference #: 312



Iris Spuria L.  T 734.jpg (120112 byte) 


Tavlen: Isnardia palustris L.

Latin: Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliot

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 1745

Production: Yes

Type: C, D

R.S. Reference #: 575, 747



Isnardia Palustris L.  A T 1745.jpg (98236 byte) 


Tavlen: Jasione montana L.

Latin: Jasione montana L.

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 319

Production: Yes

Type: A, C

R.S. Reference #: 74, 576




Jasione Montana L.  T 319.jpg (102942 byte) 

Tavlen: Jungermannia bicuspidata L.

Latin: n/a

Nomenclator: Trigonanthus bicuspidatus (L.) Spruc.

Tab #: 2068

Production: No

Type: A

R.S. Reference #: n/a



Trigonanthus Bicuspidatus Spruc.  T2068.jpg (100502 byte) 


Tavlen: Juniperus alpina Clus. (Juniperus nana Willd.).

Latin: Juniperus communis L. ssp. Alpina (Neilr.) Celak

Nomenclator: n/a

Tab #: 2739

Production: Yes

Type: E

R.S. Reference #: 937



Juniperus Communis L. T2739.jpg (187311 byte) 


Tavlen: Kakile aegyptiaea Willd.

Latin: Cakile maritima Scop. ssp. integrifolia (Hornem.) Hyl.  

Nomenclator: Cakile maritima [beta], integrifolia Horn.

Tab #: 1583

Production: Yes

Type: E

R.S. Reference #: 938




Kakile Aegyptiaca Willd.  T 1583.jpg (128921 byte)