Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica General Information

Here are a few pointers showing what to look for when collecting and using Flora Danica.


1) When purchasing Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica, you should make sure the porcelain is not marked as a second (a scratch through the 3 waves). If it is a second, then the item "home painted" or "privately painted". Sometimes you will also find a factory piece (with numbers and painters/gilders initials) marked as a second. This occurs because there is a mistake in the glaze or the piece was sold cheaply to a factory worker.

There is a great difference in the quality of the non original Flora Danica pieces. Some pieces were painted by Flora Danica painters for their own use, some by non Flora Danica painters at the factory. Those painted by the Flora Danica painters are generally nicely painted of course.

Before 1960 or so, one could purchase blank pieces of the pearl pattern, which is what Flora Danica is painted on. So a lot of pieces were painted by private people outside the factory. Those pieces are usually of poor quality. The gilding is especially difficult for non professionals to perfect as well as the inscription on the back is often in Danish and not Latin. Even if the inscription is in Latin, it is usually poorly done, as it takes special writing skills to perfect the script.

We would NEVER recommend ANYBODY to purchase items that are marked as seconds since the quality is usually very poor and the value of the piece is just a fraction of original Flora Danica.

2) Do not put any Flora Danica item in the dishwasher. The gold will be damaged. In principle you can put your dinnerware in the oven, but we do not recommend it. But if you should do so, let the pieces cool down before they make contact with ANYTHING cool as they will otherwise crack or break.


3) When storing your Royal Copenhagen Danica dinnerware, do not stack it too closely together. The serrated edges are fragile and in a careless moment you will chip your items. So remember, lots of space between each item.


If you have other questions about your Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Service we did not answer here, then please e-mail us.

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