Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Signatures

We are working on finding out who is behind the signatures used on Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica. We are investigating both the painters and also the gilders, as both groups are some of the most skilled workers at Royal Copenhagen (Den Kongelige Porcel�nsfabrik).

If you, yourself have been or are a Flora Danica painter or gilder, we would like to hear from you. Then we will add you, to our list. If you have had a Flora Danica painter in your family and know the signature and/or have a story, then please contact us as well.

We, of course, know it will be difficult to find all the names behind the signatures. So on many signatures we will have to live with just figuring out the dateline they used. If you own some Flora Danica pieces, we would like to receive pictures of the marks on the back. Then we will add the information to this site.

For the user of these signatures: the signatures are used on all over-glaze items. If you have Royal Copenhagen patterns like Henriette, Saxon Flower and others, then these signatures will work for you too.


Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Painters (Overglaze Painters)

Signature Date Piece Name
AOX Current Painter 2007   Akira Oishi
ARX Current Painter 2007   Anne Rasmussen
BVX Current Painter 2007   Bente Westdhal
DBX At least from 1975-Current 2007 3518 Majbritt Kofoed
GDX 1959-still painting   J�rgen Steensen (Nielsen)

He is the one, who painter all the motifs on the Flora Danica Hippopotamus service. He is the present day Johann Christoph Bayer or Frederik Klein a fatastic painter and with stamina to follow a porcelain project through, that takes many years.

GKX Current Painter   Guzay Kutsal
GOX Current Painter 2007   Kirsten Mortensen
GTX Current Painter 2007   Ghita Thorman
HL     Henning Larsen (H. Larsen)

Is famous for painting the Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Bird, Game, Fish and fruit items. Plus he did some Flora Danica items with national dresses, along with regular Flora Danica

HVX Current Painter 2007   Helle V�rnkj�r
JSX Current Painter 2007   Judith S�rensen

She did the very first trial plate for the Hippopotamus service in the beginning, when they were to be painted after antique prints.

LX From ? to1960/1961   Gamle Larsen
MEX Current Painter 2007   Nanna Olsen
S�K Current Painter 2007   Susanne J�rgensen
TJX Current Painter 2007   Tanja J�rgensen
TLX Current Painter 2007   Tove Lauridsen



Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Gilders (Overglaze Painters)

Signature Date Piece Name
CSX Current Gilder 2007   Gitte Hansen

She was the one that did all the gold work on the Flora Danica Hippopotamus Service. The quality of her gilding is outstanding and will not be seen better at any porcelain factory anywhere in the world today.

SJX Current Gilder 2007   Svend J�rgensen


Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Script Writters

Signature Date Name
ORX Current Script Writter/Painter 2007 Ole Rytter
CDX Current Script Writter/Painter 2007 Gitte Frost

She is also the one that did the script work on the famous Hippopotamus service that was exhibited in Berlin, London and New York.

To see some of her fantastic script work, visit one of the museums the where there is a Flora Danica Hippopotamus services exibition.

For used/new Flora Danica contact:

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