Royal Copenhagen Flora Dancia Flowers in Production

Certain flowers are painted on certain pieces, because the size and shape warrants it. Below you will find links to which flowers are painted on what pieces.

Press on either the A, B, C, D, E links, depending on which piece you want to know the flowers painted on.

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A: Press here to see the different flowers under A.

Plate 20cm   621/3573

Plate 22cm  622/3550

Plate 22cm  623/3572

Plate 23cm 625/386/3533

Deep plate 22cm  604/3546

Pickle dish 22.5cm 356/3540

Pickle dish 25cm 357/3541

Wine cooler 125cl  687/3570

Fruit basket  18.5cm 396/3532

Large Sugar bowl 12x16cm  160/3582


B: Press here to see the different flowers under B.

Plate 25cm  624/3549

Plate 25cm  637/378/3553

Deep Plate 25cm  605/3545

Deep Plate 24cm  634/3547

Triangular Cake dish 20cm 354/429/3508/3511

Salad Bowl, Oval 19x25cm  572/3506

Salad Bowl, Round 20cm  574/428/3503/3588

Salad Bowl, square 22cm  576/3510

Small Oval Platter 24,5cm  371/3516

Fruit basket, round 21,5cm  397/3534

Fruit basket, oval 25,5cm  398/3536

Coffee Pot 70cl.  126/3520


C: Press here to see the different flowers under C.

Plate 14cm  615/3552

Plate 17cm  617/3551

Deep Plate 14cm  601/3590

Coffee Cup 17cl.  071/3597

Mocca Cup 11cl.  059/3618

Tea Cup 22cl.  080/3630

Chocolate Cup 18cl.  050/3512

Mocca Cup 10cl.  056/3621

Cup with handle 11cl.  063/3618

Chocolate Cup 18cl.  053/3513

Creamer 12cl.  394/3626

Custard Cup, round 6cm.  253/3514

Custard Cup, triangular 7cm.  257/3575

Mustard Pot, round 6cm.  198/3589

Sugar Bowl 8cm.  156/3624

Pickle Dish 16cm.  342/3542

Pickle Dish 18cm.  343/3543

Pickle Dish 21cm.  344/3544

Salt Cellar/Paper weight 11cm 547/368/3625

Ice Basin 380cl.  411/3531

Ice Dome 28cm.  286/3538


D: Press here to see the different flowers under D.

Boullion Cup 40cm  109/3612

Sugar Bowl, bottom 12x16cm  161/3582

Sauce Boat, oval 35cl.  563/3556


E: Press here to see the different flowers under E.

Tea Pot 100cl  141/3531

Pierced Platter, round 27cm  380/3526

Pierced Platter, round 29cm  381/3574

Pierced Platter, round 33cm  383/3528

Pierced Platter, round 35cm  384/3529

Platter, round 30cm  376/3523

Platter, round 35cm  377/3525

Platter, round 38cm  379/3577

Platter, oval 29x36cm  372/3517

Platter, oval 32x40cm  373/3518

Platter, oval 36x46cm  374/3520

Platter, oval 38x52cm  375/3521

Tray, square 22cm  363/3564

Tray, retangular 21x29cm  364/3565

Tray, round 24,5cm  365/3566

Tray for Fruit Basket 22x27cm  388/3537

Salad bowl, oval 21x27cm  573/3507

Salad bowl, triangular 26cm  575/3509

Salad bowl, round  23cm  577/3504

Salad bowl, round 24cm  578/3555

Covered vegetable bowl 24cm  172/3568

Covered vegetable bowl with handle 24  169/3613

Wine cooler, round 18cm  688/3571

Wine cooler, oval 16x20cm  689/3569

Ice Basin (inside) 23x27cm  411/3531

Fish Drainer 25x36cm  390/3522

Tureen, oval 2,5L  178/3558

Tureen, round 3L  181/3562

Tureen, oval 3,5L  184/3559

Tureen, oval 5.0L  187/3560

Underplate for Tureen, round 33cm  190/3563

Underplate for Tureen, oval 32x40cm  191/3561